GCafePro Server Installation

GCafePro Server Installation 1.0

Manages worksatations of a cyber cafe environment
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Control the workstations of a cyber cafe by installing the main client application on a computer designated as the server and gain access to online settings of other machines in a local network to control their connection and functionality. Multiple profiles are supported.

A main program installed at the operator/attendant desk (Server). It is used by operators/attendants to download game and application updates from the IDC (Information Data Center ) and push it to cafe’s client PC and to control all connected client workstations.GCaféPro, game updates becomes automatic. Our professional team constantly searches for game updates and look out for newly published games, upload the content into IDC and the 3 layer update function of GCaféPro pushes the updates automatically to the café severs and client PCs. Updates through GCaféPro are by modules and only the modules with changes are updated. This reduces the bandwidth required and improves update efficiency.

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